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Sephora eyeshadow palettes can be hit or miss and these ones are a big hit! 

Sephora has just released some new eyeshadow palettes that are compact but punch a pack! They're available in 4 color schemes: warm neutral, cool neutral, purple and blue.

Each palette comes in a cardboard packaging housing 6 matte and metallic shadows. The palette can be closed with the attached and provided rubber band. Then just slide it open to reveal the shadows. I find the packaging very simple but quite cute and practical. 

Each shadow from each palette is really pigmented, the metallics are creamy and luminous and the mattes blend for themselves! Honestly I am pretty impressed! These are definitely the best quality Sephora collection brand and I can highly recommend them.

Cool Brown - I've only just started to use it today because I already have a couple of cool tones palettes as these are my favorite types of everyday eyeshadows. The metallic of this particular palette are a bit less luminous and light reflecting as in the other 3 palettes but it doesn't take away anything from this palettes. This is seriously one of the best mini cool tone eyeshadow for this price. You cannot beat it. The quality of the mattes is in-cre-di-ble!

Warm Brown - If you are into warm tones, this palette is worth giving a try...but honestly even if you're not a warm tones lover, you might like this one! The mattes are pigmented to perfection and the metallics are extremely luminous and light reflecting. This is very unusual for budget friendly shadow. Good job, Sephora!

Blue - We all know that blue eyeshadows can be tricky. If they're not pigmented enough, they can easily look muddy and not so pretty. I had high hopes for it and I'm not disappointed. The pigmentation is almost crazy and they're so bright and gorgeous! Beautiful palette!

Purple - This is the first palette I tried because that's the kind of colors I love. This is also a very good quality palette. Just looking at the swatches, you have the impression to play with a high palette, this is quite incredible. 

Overall, I can highly recommend each of these palettes. Quality is definitely there, which is actually surprising for such budget friendly palettes! Sephora did an amazing job on these!

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